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How to Stop Snoring Permanently? A pill might soon be your remedy

Snoring is something that no one can control. The moment you step into dreamland and your body relax completely, they start snoring without even knowing what the person sleeping next to them does. Snoring has led to many fights and sleepless nights. But what would you think if we told you that there might be a medication that might be a snoring remedy in the making?


Generally, loud snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea. In obese persons, it is most prominent. Sleep Apnea is an illness that results in snoring and breathing interruptions. The muscles in the airway normally relax while a person sleeps, but in the case of a person suffering from sleep anemia, these muscles collapse. As a result, the air is pushed out from a smaller gap in the throat which ultimately leads to


Researchers from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, US, conducted a study with 20 snorers in 2018. They gave them two drugs which showed great improvement in the patients. One of the two medicines was atomoxetine that has been in use for 20 years generally given to children who suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

The other drug was oxybutynin that given to patients with urinary incontinence. It reduces the spasms in muscles that control the bladder. Both these medicines are known to control the muscles that why a combination is given to the people taking part in the study. It showed great improvement as well.

This is why the new medicine code-named AD109 is a combination of these two. A US company is developing the medicine and a clinical trial is being set up. Both of these medications, however, are considered to have varying side effects, and that is why further testing on the treatment is needed.


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