Top 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Love Marriage

Love Marriage Advantages and Dis Advantages

Marriages can indeed change a life. For some obvious reasons it is also said that marriage is the second phase of life and we strongly agree with the fact. Marriages are of two types- Love and arranged. In recent times, people prefer to love wedlock rather than spending their whole lives with a stranger their parents ask them to. So here we are, talking about the advantages and disadvantages of love marriages.

Talking about the advantages and disadvantages of love marriage

1. Ownership

Advantage- When two people fall in love and do a love marriage the ownership of their marriage lies totally with the partners.

Disadvantage- Partners can not involve their parents when it comes to having issues in a relationship

2. Choice to Choose

Advantage- In love marriages, individuals get a choice to choose the person they will spend their rest of life with.

Disadvantage- When people get married to someone they choose, they face a lot of tension, stress, anxiety, and other issues.

3. Risk Factor

Advantage- Couples in love decide to do love marriage because they hope and want to work together to stay together forever and always.

Disadvantage- In most cases, two people in love wake up one fine day and impulsively decide to get married. The decision is impulsive most often and also has a high risk of separation.

4. Parental Involvement

Advantage- People first choose who they want to marry and then convey their choice to their parents.

Disadvantage- When two people decide to marry the person that they love, it is unlikely for their parents and relatives to support them.

5. Financial Implications

Advantage- Partners become more mindful and experienced to deal with things of their own.

Disadvantage- Like mentioned before, love marriages aren’t much supported. Because of the same, couples also do not get financial support and things can become a little harsh and hard.


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